Response to COVID19

Update 5/21/2020: We are happy to announce that as of June 1, 2020, Catonsville Pediatrics will be resuming normal hours. We will continue to see patients with any symptoms that could possibly be related to COVID-19 at times when other patients are not in the office. We continue to ask that children over 2 and parents have facial coverings. We also request that, in order to limit the number of people in office, that only the patient and one parent come in for visits(exceptions will be made for newborns). In order to decrease the number of people coming into the office, if you have forms for us to complete, please either email(,fax(410-744-9668), or mail forms to office. We will return your forms by email(or fax if you prefer).

Update 3/24/2020: As of today we will be seeing well visits until 11:30AM and sick visits starting at noon.  This is temporary until restrictions in our state change. Please know we are always available to our families by phone.

Update 3/20/2020: In our efforts to protect our families at Catonsville Pediatrics we will be offering telemedicine visits when appropriate.  Please do not send questions or pictures by email unless requested by our staff.  Please call our office with any concerns. Let's all stay healthy and safe.

Dear Catonsville Pediatric Families:

Our office is taking every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID19.  You will notice we are scheduling appointments a little differently.  In order to minimize exposure to illness in our office, we will be providing well visits earlier in the day.  All patients with fever and cough who need to be seen will be seen at the end of the day.  We will ask patients with these appointments to call before entering the office to limit any waiting in the waiting room.  You will notice that all books/magazines and toys have been removed from the waiting room to prevent the spread of germs.  Please bring your own toys and books if needed.  We ask that all patients with fever and cough put on a disposable mask which we will provide on entry to the office.  We also ask that parents who have fever and cough not bring patients to the office.   Please remember the following facts:

- COVID19 is mostly affecting older individuals, not children.

- Influenza is still very active in the community.  If your children have not been vaccinated, we still have a limited amount of vaccine available.  Please call our office ASAP if you would like your child to receive an influenza vaccine.

- In many individuals, especially children, COVID19 will be a mild illness and these people should be treated at home.

- COVID19 tends to cause significant fever (over 102) and cough.  No one without these symptoms should be tested.  We are happy to discuss testing with you but our office will strictly follow CDC guidelines for testing. 

We do not need to see anyone with less than 72 hours of fever unless you are having trouble keeping your child comfortable or they have a complaint like an ear ache.  All patients with fever (fever is defined as temp over 100.4) for over 72 hours should be seen.  If your child is having respiratory distress, we likely will send you directly to the pediatric emergency room.

Please avoid coming into the office for any administrative reasons.  If you have forms for your child, please email them to us at or fax them to 410-744-9668. We will email them back upon completion